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Green Property LineProperty Impact Slogan
The slogan was derived from key principles that drove our phenomenal
and all our agents are expected to embrace these within the broader Property Network philosophy. Our goal - To make an impact for our clients through service excellence.

This is the standard by which we measure ourseves cobstantly and you are welcome to tell us where you feel we are falling short

Property Port Elizabeth Arrow   Innovative
We will endeavour to always be fresh in our approach. Always willing to explore new avenues both in procuring listings as well as in the marketing of our client’s properties.
We embrace the fact that we are living in a rapidly changing world and will seek to always be at the cutting edge of innovation in our industry – not just living within the change but being change agents and market leaders. We will always be unique in our thinking, remain special and one step ahead of our competitors. Members to constantly be thinking of new concepts and ideas to increase the team exposure, broaden our scope of influence and increase own efficiencies.

Property Port Elizabeth Arrow  Motivated
Success if purely effort driven by motivation. If we wish to achieve success, we accept that we must be fully motivated each and every day. We commit to starting each day excited and ready for the challenges that lay ahead, It will never be said that our team is negative – about the economy, a property or our prospects.

Property Port Elizabeth Arrow  Professional
We will strive to act not only in accordance with the EAAB and Property Network standards but over and above that. Each and every member will act in a manner that is totally professional – in all dealings and we will protect our professional reputation at all costs.
We will set our own standards in conduct and service so as to build of reputation of not only being achievers but individuals of integrity and trust. In short, excellence is the only acceptable standard to which we aspire

Property Port Elizabeth Arrow  Accessible
Our clients must reach us when they need us. We understand that for our clients, they are entering into what is many times the single largest transaction of their lives and we recognise that they need our expertise and guidance. We will therefore, within reason place ourselves at the disposal whenever possible and if unreachable to ensure they have alternatives.

Property Port Elizabeth Arrow  Caring
It is oft said that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. If there is one trademark that is essential to our team it will be care. Caring enough to know each client is different. Caring enough to respect our clients time.
We will care enough to take each transaction personally and not simply be an agent but a friend, counsellor and pillar of strength to our clients. Caring enough to not be pretentious but to be real and true to who we are as individuals

Property Port Elizabeth Arrow  Training
We will strive to be the best trained agents in the industry. Not simply striving for minimum qualification but always looking to become even better, partaking in the maximum number of training we can – both formally and in house. We will do our utmost to ensure that the pool of expertise and knowledge within our team can address any situation or question that arise – all to the benefit of our clients

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