If you are an existing Estate Agency, whether independent or franchised, or even a Top Performing Agent and are wanting more out of your efforts, our License model is the answer you have been looking for

If you DO want.........
  • To be part of a National real estate brand which will help you succeed and increase your sales.
  • To operate for your own account without the traditional dictatorship and forced excessive set up, office & staff costs of conventional estate agencies.
  • Web technology and tools that enable you to run your own real estate business efficiently.
  • Top class web presence and exposure you can get for your agency and your clients.
  • To be part of a group while maintaining your own independence and character
If you DO NOT want......
Ridiculous entry fee amounts just to acquire a License
Excessive monthly royalties
Someone watching your every little move looking for stupid deviations from "branding policy" and other such issues

Green Property Line
 Dominant Web Presence
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line
We boast SA's most informative property website and will ensure we remain one step ahead of our competition in always providing a instructive and informative platform for visitors to interact fo rtheir own gain and not just ours.
Included in the nominal License Fee, is the setting up of the Licensee website
Every agent that joins the group will get their own website providing a platform to expand their own presence while increasing the company web footprint as well

Green Property Line
 Web Technology
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line
A property listing system allowing each branch or agent to input their own properties onto the listing database in superfast streamlined back end
Automatic buyer and property matching system built in
Client Property Seek and Notification module
Plus :
30% discount to the powerful ReferralBase.net system allowing our agents to fully manage and gain maximum benefit from the referral databse

Green Property Line
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line
Ongoing dvelopment of training materials that are relevant and up to date for the South African market.
We are currently finalising with a Accredited training provider to provide NQF4 and NQF5 training, online at a heavily discounted rate, exclusive to Property Network agents

Green Property Line
 Clear Branding
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line
Fresh, easily recognisable colours make our marketing materials stand out from the crowd
Our development of not just a name but a image Logo ensures you are easily recognised out in the market place

Green Property Line
 Genuine Independence
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line
You choose your setup model - fully fledged offices or a run from home situation - your business - your decision
We provide the framework of assistance and systems - you run your business

Green Property Line
 Creative Marketing Materials
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line
The ongoing development of new marketimg materials, easily adaptable for local use, ensures that you, the licensee can focus on the key part of your business - selling - instead of pamphlet design etc
Special requests for design undertaken for you - free or at a nominal fee

Green Property Line
 Diversification Opportunities
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line
Unlike other franchises out there, we will not rip you off with additional license fees for every segment of the market you wish to penetrate. Licensees are free to open new facets of their business such as rentals, commercial, time share, holiday rentals and auctions - at no added license cost.

Green Property Line
A True Sense of Family
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line
Our Licensing is more about the right people, attitude and culture than it is about signs and logos. This means that you the licensee will always be more important than petty issues
We strive toward a system driven by a desire to build joint success, for agents, by agents and a truly South African Real Estate recipe for success – not one cut and pasted from an irrelevant foreign country
The model is one based on fulfilling a need for a national branded home for independents - rather than just another profit motivated franchise

Port Elizabeth Property Green Line
For further information on obtaining a Licence contact:
Colin Fibiger
Cell : 0824135759
Office :041-3684498
or Email Here

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