Green Property Line
  • Through Innovative Technology, Stringent Quality and Methodology Management, and Committed Company Social Conscience;
  • To enter the market, in the varying fields of real estate services, in order to provide holistic client solutions, integrity of services, ethical pricing and value added services for the property  market nationally and internationally, while always remaining locally relevant and;
  • Through the licensing process to make our expertise available to emerging business people, thereby creating economic empowerment and job creation from a platform of successful and sustainable business in order to ;
  • Achieve high levels of success not only as a brand but for individual agents and staff while ;
  • Playing our part in the Social Development of people within our regions and sphere of influences by addressing issues of healthy, sustainable communities within a stable property market
Green Property Line
  • EXCELLENCE : We will constantly through Innovation, Training & Technology deliver services of exceptional Quality, at a pricing and in a manner that makes our services Accessible to all.
  • MORAL VALUES : We commit ourselves to the upholding of high moral and family based values that contribute positively to not only the betterment of our business, but also to society at large and commit to not only supporting these values but being agents of change where these morals and values are lacking.
  • EMPLOYEE COMMITMENT : We value our employees and agents as our most valuable asset and will endeavour to provide ongoing training and empowerment programmes at every level so as to ensure that every person reaches their full potential and to reward them for reaching this potential and thereby contributing to the success of the company
  • INTEGRITY/TRUST : We will operate and expect all within the Property Network group to operate with absolute integrity, building a culture of trust between ourselves as well as with our customers, suppliers and the general public.
  • TEAMWORK : We will not only foster a culture of teamwork, but also proactively engage in training every licensed business to achieve high levels of cooperative management and team structures.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY : We accept our responsibilities as a Licensor, a business and a contributor to society and willingly make ourselves accountable to our Licensees, our business partners as well as the community at large.
  • VISION FOCUS : We will always remain committed to our vision as a company which extends beyond the measure of simple profitability but encompasses a broader awareness, and an understanding of our holistic role within a fast emergent African economy, particularly with developing communities.
  • CLIENT CARE : We dedicate ourselves to real care and gebuine realtionships with our clinets undertstanding that we have a veryreal responsibility to our clients wealth and well being
  • GROWTH : We operate from a philosophy that says “If you are not growing you are dying” and commit ourselves to constantly striving for growth of the company in all areas, including technological advance, turnover, profitability, social responsibility and ethical standards.
  • COMMUNITY : We acknowledge that man and therefore business lives to higher purpose. As a business we do not exist to make money for moneys sake. Our wealth creation is purposed for the development of the communities we find ourselves in, the promotion of wealth creation for others and the living out of our mandate to bring positive change in any area of influence we find ourselves in.
Green Property Line
  • Become the recognised leaders in the real estate market service sectors, providing excellence of service quality, accessibility and transaction facilitation
  • Proactively and aggressively ensure Group access to new, innovative and cost effective service solutions, through research or acquisition
  • Attract, train, develop, motivate and retain the highest quality management and Licensee teams possible.
  • Develop and enhance the Property Network culture and our shared values.
  • Constantly supply the market with high quality, affordable services.
  • Develop, communicate and exceed financial objectives.
  • Expand Property Network’s market presence, through the creation and successful  implementation of a strategic development plan.
  • Regularly re-investing in ourselves to ensure cutting edge, service and business systems.
  • The on going development of business models and practices that allow all role players to achieve maximum returns and profitability

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