These are the core articles to assist a buyer in making informed decisions when buying a property. Remember to also read our blog for a lot more information if you need it. If anything is troubling you and you did not find the answers you were looking for then please diirect the question to us via our feedback form or otherwise just contact us and we will provide you with the answers and assistance you need.

property advice - reasons for buying

Understanding your reasons for buying is critical in making the right choice

People buy a property for different reasons. Understanding these reasons helps you to make informed and proper decisions

property network buyers agent advice

Working with a Buyers Agent is Critical, but why a Property Network agent?

Our agents have undergone specialised training in assisting buyers and guiding them every step of the way in making their choices

first time home buyer advice

First Time Buyers - you need to get yourself knowledgeable before signing on the dotted line

Buying a property can be a nightmare if certain basics are not understood and looked after. Read some advice on how to proceed

buying property privately

Buying Privately sometimes seems attractive but what do you need to know?

While buying privately can present itself as an option, there are pitfalls and potential problems you need to be aware of.

respossessed properties for sale

Repossessed Properties were all the rage - and then the horror stories started spreading

The downturn in our economy provided a sudden influx of stock on repossessed properties and buyers jumped in wanting to get their bargain

10 mistakes property buyers

A list of the top 10 Mistakes Buyers Make. Taken from years of experience

There are common stories across the globe and we provide a checklist of the common erros that buyers make when finding their new home

property network advice buying agent

Going about buying a home without an agent on your side  can sometimes be a problem 

A buying agent is committed to you, the buyer, and as they are dedicated to your interests, are a valuable source of information and guidance

property buyer tips property network

A Collection of 10 Tips learnt through the experience of others when buying a home

A quick list of tips that form a rough guideline for you when embarking on the purchase of your nest property.

property investment advice

Investment Advice for those who want to ensure their property is a long term winner

Property still remains one of the best forms of investment for anyone and big names like Trump and Buffet concur. Read why and how

buying property at an auction

So what about buying at an Auction. Aren't there bargains to be had?

We provide some valuable guidance on buying at an auction. What to do and what not to do as well as tips from the experts.

property renting vs buying

Buying vs Rentals - Which is the best and which would suit your current needs?

It is an age old question and most times buying wins by far but it is always good to consider your options before choosing

property buyer guide 10 steps

A Comprehensive Buyer Guide taking you in detail through the ten steps of buying - MUST READ

We provide you with a detailed buyer guide with professional advice, taking  you every step of the way with your purchase.

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