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Your know you need one but what exactly is this thing they call a mortgage bond?

A mortgage bond is the only way to secure property as security for a loan. There are a few basic that you need to know

self employed bond finance advice

Finance for the Self Employed is a little different from just earning a normal salary

Read this section to make sure you are fully prepared for your bond application if you are self employed and not earning a normal salary

bond originator options property network

Why use a Bond Originator instead of going direct to your bank? Whats the difference?

Bond originators have emerged as a major property finance player over recent years and continue to be the first choice of many

choosing a bank bond finance advice

Choosing a Lender when buying you property is your right and a wise choice your duty

Gone are the days of simply getting your bond from the same bank that you have your cheque account with - the options are open!

faq property bind finance advice

FAQ on Property Finance. Some answers to the most common questions buyers ask

While your own situation might seem complex, there are common issues which arise with all buyers and these are answered here

debt counselling property advice

Using Debt Counselling in a crisis is the recommended option rather than give up

Get the advice you need on using debt counselling and the options available to you when in the midst of a dire financial situation

voluntary liquidation property advice

Understanding Voluntary Liquidation and considering this route as an option

Sometimes one's financial situation becomes unsolveable. In these cases, not even Debt Review will help and this then might be an option

property network advice bond affordability

How much bond can you afford? How much will the banks lend you based on your income?

Banks lending criteria are quite strict and they will only allow you a certain amount. Check our handy table to do your calculations.

property bond finance interest advice

Interest is a major cost of obtaining a bond. Read a little more on this issue

You can opt for fixed or variable interest rates. You can also most certainly negotiate between different banks for the best rate.

property bond finance fica documents

A schedule of all the documents you will need when applying for a bond plus some advice

Its all about the paperwork and the sooner you have all your documents in place the quicker your bond application can get processed

building loans property finance advice property network

Obtaining a Building Loan is fairly simple but a little different than normal.

If your plan is to build your own home or do plot and plan then you need to know exactly how the banks will assess and grant the loan.

managing finances property advice

Managing your Finances is critical in ensuring the banks view you in the best light

Draw upon years of experience and knowledge in making sure you manage your finances in a way that makes you look super creditworthy

property buying costs advice

There are of course Costs Incurred when buying a home - All the details are here

Being aware of exactly what costs you will incur in a property transaction, helps you plan and make decisions that are informed and correct.

property commission costs advice

Commissions. Who pays what and who is responsible. How are these actually paid out

There is a general principle that sellers always pay commission, but there are times when the buyer might undertake responsibility.

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