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A sale always starts with a Mandate - but what is a Mandate anyway?

A mandate is actually quite a simple document and in practice it is something we do every day in our daily lives

property network legal advice multi listing mandate

Multi Listing Service Selling Mandate. Quite a mouthful for not so big a thing

Multi Listing Service mandates are a common phenomenan in the industry and in the PE region are referred to as RNS mandates

property network legal advice multi listing mandate

Buying Mandates. A not so common mandate type that centres around buyers

Specialist buyer agents will sometimes insist on a Buyer Mandate. Very common for instance in the USA, but what does it actually entail?

property network legal advice understanding contracts

Understand the Offer to Purchase / Sales Contract is vital to both Seller and Buyer

A proper explanation of what is entailed in an Offer to Purchase and which clauses are of particular relevance and importance

property network legal advice documents required

A Schedule of all the Documents you will need for a property transfer and why you need them

A brief explanantion of what exactly a suspensive condition means and how it affects your responsibilities in a contract

property network legal advice step by step guide

Step by Step guide to the actual legal process and steps that take place in a sale

Property transaction as well as agencies and attorneys are governed by a myriad of laws and with it goes a lot of paperwork requirements

property network legal advice forms of title holding

Common Forms of Title Holding. What are they and what difference does it make?

Holidng ownership of property as an individual, company or trust has different implications. What about joint ownership or COP marriages?

property network legal advice sole mandate

Sole Mandates.  Why the big issue? What exactly are you signing and why.

Sole mandates are the most common form of mandate in the SA real estate industry but some people have a problem with them

property network legal advice open mandate

Open Selling Mandate. A possible nightmare for both agent and seller alike

What are the pros and cons of an open mandate. What to look out for and why it is probably not your best choice as a home owner.

property bond finance fica documents

Common Terms in Property Sale Contracts. Get to grips with the most used terminology

A short summary of the most common legal property terms found in house transactions and what they mean in plain English

property network legal advice suspensive clauses

Suspensive / Contingency Clauses are found in almost all sale agreements

If your plan is to build your own home or do plot and plan then you need to know exactly how the banks will assess and grant the loan.

property network legal advice voetstoots and CPA

Voetstoots and Disclosure. What are the essential principles you need to understand

The concept of buying "as is" or voetstoots is a tricky concept and both parties need to understand what the concept actually means

property network legal advice contractual faq

Legal and Contractual FAQ. Answers to the most common questions asked by clients

Read what the most common issues people have on property transactions and what the answer is to these day to day questions

property network legal advice discrimination

Property transactions and Discrimination. Making sure you stay within the law

Discrimination is against the law - plain and simple. You are however allowed to excercise discretion - found out more.

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