Below are all the core sections of our Resource Advice Centre. This segment is designed to provide our clients with all the additional information they need to make accurate property decisions, as well as being informed and knowledgeable property owners.

Here you will find everything on everything else. For sellers, buyers and those staying put.

Remember to also read our blog for a lot more information if you need it. If you did not find the answers you were looking for and still have questions, then please direct the question to us via our feedback form or otherwise just contact us and we will get you the help you need.

property advice - reasons for buying

INSURANCE                                      Types of insurance, when you need it and why you need it

Get the rundown on this very neccessary expense as well as tips on saving money and making insurance work for you.

property network advice moving

RELOCATING and MOVING            An exiting but trying time that needs to be managed

Go through our comprehensive moving guide that takes you through all the hoops one week at a time starting weeeks before the actual move

property network advice foreign ownership

FOREIGN OWNERSHIP                   Info on immigration, ownership, currency & leaving SA

All the advice and all the help on making informed decisions on buying or selling in South Africa, or what to do when leaving

buying property privately

LOCAL COUNCIL                               Rates, Bylaws and other relevant property issues.

Get the lowdown on the local rates tariffs, get a copy of the rates by laws and other documents and policies applied by council.

respossessed properties for sale

IMPORTANT CONTACTS                  A schedule of numbers you might need relating to property

A quick yellow pages of contact numbers for conveyancers, bond originators, maintenance people and emergency numbers

10 mistakes property buyers

PROPERTY INSTITUTIONS            Details and contact info on the EAAB, IEASA and other bodies

Read more on the institutional role players in the property industry and how they fit into the legal framework of what happens

property network advice security

SECURITY and RISK                        A high profile issue but you can be secure if you plan ahead

Essential security tips and issues, planning for holidays and other articles on ensuring the safety of your family and property

property buyer tips property network

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES             Regulations and advice on this new building concept

The basics of this very important issue for the seller, buyer and current home owner to help you play your part in protecting our environment.

property investment advice

TAXATION                                           That eina part of living anywhere and how it affects you

Read up on capital gains tax, how you can claim your property costs if you have an investment and all the other gritty issues

buying property at an auction

DIVORCE ADVICE                             You need clear thinking when it comes  to your property

We care about our clients and understand that you need guidance during this tough time. Get some advice here.

property renting vs buying

ECONOMIC REVIEWS                      Downloads and articles on the economy and property market

Stay up to date on where the economy is heading as well as how the property market is specifically being affected by the trends

property buyer guide 10 steps

SUNDRY MATTERS                          All the stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else but you need

Check out links to schools, sports clubs, get SAPS forms for weapons and all the other little things you might find helpful.

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divorce counselling property network
relocating and moving guide
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