Welcome to the advice centre for sellers. There are quite a lot of events and happenings from the moment the mandate is signed until final registration and this page is there to guide you through that process from begining to end.

Please read the articles carefully especially our comprehensive Step by Step guide for you the seller.

If there is anything you are still unsure of
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Why appoint a selling agent? if you still are unsure then you need to read this simple guide

There are many reasons to appoint an agent to sell your property - some quite obvious and others might be quite a revelation to you

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Our comprehensive Step by Step Sellers guide - A MUST READ for detailed selling guidance

Go through the steps of selling from one to ten with proper information and guidance every step of the way

property network legal advice multi listing mandate

A look at the different Methods of Selling. Which work and which simply just don't

Selling a home is not only plonking an advert in a local newspaper and waiting for hundreds of buyers to call. Check out the options.

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Sellers and Disclosure. What to disclose and when. What to say and what not

A Seller has a responsibility to disclose all relevant information to a prospetive purchaser but what exactly does this entail?

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Urgent and Distressed Sales. dealing with bank arrears and other crisis situations

We all go through times of financial stress and difficulty and this article will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to come out on top

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Choosing an agent is next step. Why not see what makes Property Network agents special

When working with an agent during the stressful selling time you need a perfetct balance between professionalism and real care

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Selling Privately. Is this really an option or are you looking to get your fingers burnt?

Rewckon you can do this on your own? Heard rumours of others doing it? Then read ahead to know the pitfalls that can get in your way

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Selling at an Auction. A short but clear summary on this misunderstood sales format

Auctions have bad reputation for getting maximum price but there is stil a lot of hype around this method. Check the pros and cons

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The Top 10 Mistakes most commonly made by sellers when putting their home up for sale

Learn from the mistakes of those who have gone before you so that you do not fall into the same old traps that they did

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Price, Price, Price. It is so very important to get this key factor correct, rather than guess

Get the ins and outs of pricing, what the key factors are and what the statistics and facts tell us about over pricing

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