Welcome to the Finances section of this site – and probably one of the most important. How you have managed your credit, the current economic trends, your savings, the mood of the banks, all come into play in determining what home or property you can buy.
Obviously the critical question for Buyers is how much can you afford? How much will your bank lend you?
Those who have read the buyers section, will understand the importance of budgeting and pre-planning before embarking on buying that new dream home.
As with any other major venture, proper planning will minimise your chances of financial stress and headaches later - particularly with property. Visit our Advice Centre on Finances to get all the guidance you need.

Of major importance, is getting oneself pre-qualified before embarking on the buying journey. The reasons being :
  • It forms part of the process of budgeting and planning
  • You know your price range - so no wasting time viewing unneccessary properties.
  • You will be made aware of any adverse records on your name that you did not know about, allowing you to take corrective action.
  • It is a buyers market and you are competing with other buyers. Being pre-qualified makes the seller more inclined to accept your offer ahead of others.
If you are not sure of how to go about this, why not contact one of our professional agents who will happily walk you through the process and put you in contact with one of the Bond Originators or Bank personnel.

From a Sellers perspective, the costs of selling are simple and you can get a breakdown in the Finance Advice Centre

Visit the Finance Advice Centre for all your finance answers
For details on the various costs involved in buying a property go Here
Go to the Buyer Section for all your buyer answers
Remember to look through our Step by Step Buyer Guide and also visit our Blog for other helpful information
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