Below is a general requirement but please note that this will vary from bank to bank. If you would like us to put you in touch with a Bond Originator we will do so and they will advise you fully on current requirements. Please note that all of this is not required for pre-qualification.
  • Fully completed and signed application forms.
  • Copy of Identity Document/Passport
  • Proof of income – three months payslips for an individual and Audited Financial Statements as well as Auditors Certificate of Income if self employed
  • If you earn commissions you will have to provide the last 6 months payslips
  • Copy of Offer to Purchase (including property details).
  • Three consecutive months of bank statements where income is reflected. (If self employed, then supply the business bank statements as well)
Additional documentation required if an Employer Guarantee is offered
  • Z572/ 3 (If you are an employee of the state)
  • Letter of Intent/Letter of Guarantee (If you are not an employee of the state)  
Documentation required if a company, closed corporation or trust
  • When you apply for a home loan in the name of a trust, close corporation or company, the will require such an entity to be the applicant for the loan, not you personally. You will then need to supply ;
  • Registered founding statement of the close corporation, memorandum and articles of association of the company or the trust deed of the trust, in order to prove its existence.
  • Certain supporting documents, such as audited financial statements
  • A copy of the company resolution to purchase the property
  • In the event of a trust, a copy of the minutes authorising such purchase, as well as the Trustees Certificates of Authority
  • Additionally, the bank might require personal suretyship from members and shareholders or trustees may also be called for in certain cases.

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