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Why appoint a letting agent? Couldn't you just do it yourself and maybe save some money?

There are many reasons to appoint an agent to sell your property - some quite obvious and others might be quite a revelation to you

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A Detailed Fees and Services Schedule. See exactly what we do and what we charge

At Property Network we do not have a one size fits all approach but have developed service options that will suit each individuals needs

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Landlords Rights and Responsibilities. What they must and should be doing

Get a brief summary of exactly what a landlords is entitled to but also what you should and shouldn't be doing with regard to your tenant.

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Property Landlords FAQ and the answers to these common queries we encounter

A brief answer to the most common questions that arise from landlords in dealing with tenant issues and problems they encounter

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The Relationship between Landlord and Tenant. Be careful not to cross boundaries

Both parties need to understand that they are in a formal contractual relationship and friendships that develop should not compromise the lease

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Every agent does the same thing - or do they? What makes our rental service special

Every car offers four wheels but we all recognise that some are simply just better. Read on to see what makes just that - simply better.

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First Time Landlords. Get the basics right before you come with the fancy footwork.

Starting out as a landlord can be daunting and you need to get the basics in place from the very beginning to avoid headaches

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Arrears, Evictions and claims. Do it properly and you should not have any problems

Although our laws are currently slightly in favour of the tenant, landlords can enforce their rights if dealt with timeoulsy and correctly

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Rental Tribunals. Their make up, purpose and function and how to contact them

All the backfround information and contact numbers you need to understand and use the rental tribunals should be need them

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Background and history of property law in South Africa and  its development

A laymans look at the origins of our law, its framework and impact and understanding its context and current relevance

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