Welcome to the legal resource page. Property transactions are comprehensive affairs that need to be handled professionally to avoid all the potential delays and pitfalls that can crop up.

All of us have heard the bad stories of clients who encountered problems with their sale or purchase of a home but truth be told, most of these can be avoided. While hiccups are inevitable from time to time, proper management of the process can exsure smooth, headache free sales time after time.

SA has one of the most advanced deeds office and property registration systems in the world. With it however comes a need for proper compliance and of course proper procedure. For this reason, attorneys who wish to handle property transactions must do a specialist course after which they are referred to as Conveyancers.

On top of that, both Estate Agencies and Attorneys are governed by amongst other FICA legislation and so forth. Lots of I's to be dotted and lots of T's to be crossed.

If all of this sounds a bit daunting, do not worry. A professional Agent and Conveyancer will handle all the neccessary stress for you so that you can focus on the details of moving furniture, schools etc.

Our Legal Advice Centre will provide you with almost all the knowledge  and assistance you need.

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