2013 Sep 18 - Fundraising for Rape Crisis Centre                                                                               Port Elizabeth Property First Article

One of our core philosophies that make us who we are, is our committement to giving back to the communities we live in and particularly those segments that are vulnerable or unabe to help themselves. We were therefore extremely privelaged to be able to committ a morning to assist the Rape Crisis Centre in conjunction with Greyvenstein Attorneys and the Givers Gain project.
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Our agents Our agents took time off their busy schedules and together with Greyvensteins and Ooba packed love parcels for rape victims to be handed out at one of the local centres. The parces included creams and other ladies goodies, as well as a few sweet things.

It was particularly touching, as each parcel included a personal letter from one of the agents providing comfort, words of encouragement as well as the assurance that these women and girls were not alone.

Rape remains one of the most heinous crimes still far too prevalent on our society and we were proud to be able to assist in some small way when many of them are feeling the system and society has let them down.

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