2014 Nov 03 - Four Agents From National Opposition Join Us                                                       Port Elizabeth Property First Article

"It is tremendously encouraging to see our growth strategy bearing the fruits we anticipated two years ago," says Deirdre Fibiger, director of Property Network and when four agents from national brands opt for rather joining us, it is a clear sign that we are heading in the right direction."

From its inception, Property Network was established with clear goals in mind, one of those being a concept of minimising agent costs while maximising their commission sharing structure. This goal was also transferred to rental and admin staff as well as estate agent assistants. Additionally, the company adopted the strategy of not actively recruiting but rather taking the "build it and they will come" approach.

"Traditionally agents worked to extreme targets in order to achive maximum commissions and assistants and admin staff were always paid a minimum wage," says Fibiger. "When we launched with our maximum benefit and minimum charge philosophy all the established brands believed we were maybe just a little crazy and it is gratifying to be able to say, two years down the road, that our belief in taking care of people pays off in the long run is more than justified."

We live in rapidly changing times and those agencies that remain trapped in old style thinking will find themselves with an ever shrinking marlet share'" she said. "Not only will they lose agents, but also clients, as results begin to fail comparison to those companies not only willing to adapt but as with Property Network, to actually take the lead in innovative thinking."

It is well known that the chairman of IBM in 1943, Thomas Watson, made the statement, "I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers." That thinking is what saw IBM slide from being the No1 computer brand across the world, to being a name most new generationals do not even know.

"In a sense," said Fibiger, "we are almost encouraged by this same type of thinking in the real estate industry. It places us strategically as the brand name of the future, while large cumbersome brands face a losing battle against a change in client's needs and expectations."

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