2015 Jul 17 - Copycat Businesses Cannot Replicate Culture                                                         Port Elizabeth Property First Article

"Business that lack their own innovation and creativity can copy everything of another business but can never replicate their culture," said Colin Fibiger, CEO of Propertyt Network," and it that inherent culture that keeps a business ahead of it's competition."

According to Fibiger, Property Network, on an ongoing basis, steps back to assess itself in terms of where they are with respect to their chosen path, values and identity.

"Too often, businesses only assess themselves in terms of their bottom line," said Fibiger, "and fall into the trap of  forgetting that issues of customer care, social responsibility and ethics are as, if not more important."

"We are proud to be who and what we are," he said. "If and only of we have maintained our culture and vaues, do we consider a financial year a success."

According to Fibiger, it is this ongoing monitoring of their culture that has been the secret of their exceptional growth and success. "This is perhaps why we do not fear or keep ourselves concerned with the competition, " he said. "While they can copy our methods and tactics, they can never replicate the culture that defines who we are."

"Our concept of Integrity for instance, is dramtivally different from other companies," he said. "we consider integrity to be an all encompasiing thing, embracing every aspect of our behaviour. It does not just mean being honest. Integrity is giving the client the best advice all the time. Integrity is making sure you stay ahead in terms of trends and legislation. Integrity of undergoing ongoing training to remain the best. Integrity is being availiable for our clients when they need us."

"Unless we are doing every aspect of our business to the best of our ability, then we have not passed our integirty test," he said.

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