Financial pressure that comes from declined economic activity and reccessionary times, can place an increased burden on sometimes already battling marriages and we are finding many of our distressed sales are as a result of divorce and the forced sale forms part of the settlement agreement.
  • Divorce is a troubling time for any couple no matter how amicable their parting is. It is recognised that selling one's home already ranks as one of the highest stress events in one's life and if you add to that, the stresses of a divorce, many clients selling under these circumstances are emotionally ill equipped to make proper decisions.
  • There is often anger and resentment alongside the decision making process and between all of these factors, it often results in both parties losing financially, purely because they were unable to make rational, objective decisions.
  • In these circumstances, you need an agent that is not going to simply "go with the flow" and get easy commissions, but rather someone who actually cares about the outcome and will ensure that maximum benefit is derived by all concerned.
  • Our first question to any couple in this situation is - Are You Sure? We are proud to say that many marriages are still intact due our our first asking this question before simply taking the mandate. Many couples are back together and happy and although we did not make a sale, we believe firmly in living out our committment to be part of building healthy communities and this process is part of that.
  • At Property Network, we pride ourselves on our reputation for caring and promise to live by our IMPACT philosophy in providing a caring yet professional solution so that you can experience some stability during trying times. You do not have to go through this testing property experience alone and we are committed to doing our best to ensure your property transaction happens as smoothly as possible so as to reduce stress during this already difficult period of your life.
  • This has meant in the past, bearing the brunt of one spouses anger - but we understand that the words are not really meant and take them willingly as part of our service. It has also meant, we are proud to say, convincing couples to go to counselling and seeing the marriages saved. Some of these are now friends and clients for life.
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So ........
If you are committed to getting divorced and selling we are without a doubt your first choice as agents.

And if you still have second thoughts about divorce, no matter how small, why not give counselling a chance - even if you have gone before - it is always worth a second chance. See below to get contact details of someone who is happy and willing to help.

If you are not 110% sure. Or if you believe their might just be the smallest chance of reconciliation. If you still have the slightest glimmer of hope left. Then please contact the marriage counsellors below.

They will be more than happy to stand by your side during the re-building process and guide you back to a happy and healthy marriage.

Laetetia Klackers                                 Trevor Anderson
082 561 5879                                         082 578 5896                   

If not, then we would be happy to help you sell your property providing a professional and hassle free service, providing transparency and care to both parties, to help you achieve quick results. Contact our agents here.

Please do contact us for a free and accurate market valuation and in the meantime,do read the articles on distressed sales which deals with the issue of property transactions ander forced circumstances.

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