Sometimes it seems expensive but the alternatives could be a lot worse.

There are many types of insurance available to people today which cover every are of our lives. Motor Car. Marine. Life, Business, Property, Possessions, Farmers crops, Heath and so much more.

Even we, as property professionals, take out indemnity insurance in case something goes horribly wrong on a sale. In our rental department, we offer insurance against loss of work, so that your rent is covered each month even if you lose your job. For Landlords, we offer a guaranteed rental option so that if the tenant does not pay, they still get their rent paid out like clockwork on the first!

The insurance insustry has expanded so much over the years, that you can insure against practically anything these days.
A South African soap maker insured princess Diana for two months back in the early 1990s,  but she probably never knew anything about it. The soap maker invested R400,000.00 into an eight-week ad campaign that used a Diana look-alike. If anything would have happened to the real Diana, the company worried it would have to pull its ads and would lose its investment, and such risk was insured!

In this section, we are however going to focus on the two types of insurance that directly affect you when buying or owning a property.
  • Home Owners Comprehensive Insurance
  • Life Insurance
Take a browse through the articles and remember that we are just a phone call away if you need further help.

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Home Owners Comprehensive Insurance
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