Time is beginning to run out. If you did not use the previous month wisely you now need to start catching up and getting yourself ready.
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  • Begin the serious packing. Of course if you are using the removal company to do this for you, they will descend on your home a day or two before moving date and pack everything for you. If you're taking on the packing process by yourself, be aware that it will take time. Pack well in advance, and take note of what you can really live without. You'll have items that need special attention and other items that need to be disassembled. Label each box in detail and if you know where it will go in your new home, put the destination on the box. Pack essential items last.
  • Change your address with Department of Home Affairs
  • Change your address with SA Revenue Services
  • Change your address with UIF Department if you are registered with a housemaid
  • If your Email will be changing, advise all those in your contacts that you will inform them of your new address. Make a backup as well as print our your contacts list. If this was a work Email address and of possible arrange for mail forwarding for a period.
  • Advise your bank of your intended move and make arrangements for the transfer of your account to the new branch if neccessary. Get contact details of key personnel you will need to see once you arrive.
  • Finalise any travel arrangements where you would need an airline, train, hotel, bus or car rental.
  • Contact medical and dental offices to receive records, asking these professionals for referrals and continuing prescriptions.
  • Finalise the inventory list of all of your belongings.
  • Arrange for your pets to be transported.
  • Use/finish household items so that there is less to pack and move.
  • Cancel your Newspaper subscription if moving out of town
  • Change address for magazine and other subscriptions
  • Give notice at the local municipality and advise of final reading date for Water and Electricity.
  • Review your insurance policy for coverage during your move.
  • Give notice at your security company for the termination of their services. Provide them with the new owner/tenants contact details if possible – they will appreciate being able to contact them for business
  • Give notice to your garden service or advise them of change of address if you will still be within their service area.
  • Give notice to your pool service or advise them of change of address if you will still be within their service area.
  • Have your garage/moving sale. Remember that if you are going to have a major clean-up and drastically reduce the amount of stuff you are taking with, it could reduce your moving price from the original quote.
  • Give notice on your telephone, ADSL and other services.
  • Make arrangements for installation of these services in your new home. It s preferable to only have these installed on the day or after your arrival as early installation could result in abuse before you get there.
  • Write to all your creditors advising them of your new address for mailing
  • Make a note of all items out on loan, in for repairs, service etc so that they can be collected timeously
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