The big day has arrived! It's 8am and you already feel like the world is coming apart :-) The dog has decided to puke all over the place, the kids are running around like demented things and your spouse is still not talking to you from an argument about curtains the night before.

Take a deep breath. Stay focused. Put a smile on your face and take responsibility. Your own attitude will quickly rub off onto others.

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Arrow Property Network  MOVING DAY HAS ARRIVED!                                                                                                        
  • Breathe deeply and remember that you have decided to relax and enjoy the moment
  • Keep your moving file on hand for quick referral
  • Ensure all doors are open for easy access, remove doors, security gates etc before removal truck arrives.
  • Remove car from garage and driveway so as to allow movers easy access – and of course no damage to your vehicle
  • Do a final walk through of the home to make sure all of your belongings have been removed. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure everything is loaded before the truck departs – they will not turn back for you
  • Be sure to take control of all personal items that are valuable or important to you during the move.
  • You might not be able to be available for both the loading and off loading of your goods – at your old home and the new. Arrange for a friend or family member to deal with one of these aspects or ask your Property Network agent for assistance.
  • If there are items you will need first in your new home (like a baby cot) make sure they put it in the moving van last. If you are moving yourself, organise the fist load to be all your critical items and one of you can make sure they are set up in the new home.
  • Make sure you have all the keys, eg. for the garage, front, back and sliding doors, etc. of your new home, delays cost money.
  • The movers will also make note of the condition of your goods on a master list. It is your responsibility to make sure it's accurate.
  • If refreshments are given to the movers, please no alcohol. (A glass of wine for your own nerves might be a good idea though)
  • Take your own meter readings for water, electricity, gas etc. This will enable you to check against the municipal readings for errors.
  • Most removal companies will require payment at point of deliver and do not accept personal cheques unless by prior arrangement. Make sure you have made necessary plans
  • Don’t leave the pets behind. :-)
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Arrow Property Network ONCE YOU’RE IN                                                                                                                         
  • After the van is unloaded and your goods are unpacked, inspect everything and make note of any damage. While movers do unpack, they don't put dishes or linens away.
  • Plug the freezer and fridge in and pack all perishable goods away immediately
  • The very next day, inspect the home fully to ensure that it is in the condition you originally viewed it and that all plumbing and electrical circuits work. Make a detailed list of faults. If you wish, we can be present for this inspection.
  • Contact your service providers to ensure disconnections have taken place at previous address and that necessary meter readings were taken. Provide them with your readings.
  • Remember to change Email details on Internet subscriptions, Social Media etc. to your new Email address.
  • Write to or contact all your creditors and service providers to confirm once again that they have your change of address
  • Sit with the family and write cards to all your friends and associates letting them know you are in your new home and let them have your new contact details


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