Packing is both exciting and painful. Many fond memories are brought back as you pack away a school project by the children or the photos of a faily holiday. Alongside these, is the reality of having to get done on time and getting it done in a way that protects your prized possessions.

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  • Make sure you have all the packing tools you need. Plenty of Newspaper bubble wrap for fragile items. Marker Pen, and Packing Tape.
  • Have a variety of different sized boxes on hand. Large boxes are useful for carrying many lightweight objects such as Tupperware and linen, and smaller boxes are best suited to heavier or more delicate objects such as books and glassware. When packing these fragile contents, remember to protect them with bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Computer shops will always have Styrofoam moulds and boxes available for packing your PC equipment.
  • Never over pack your boxes; rather pack too few items into a box than too many. The reason for this is to prevent items in your box being squashed or the box giving way and breaking open. And always pack heavier stuff at the bottom of the box and lighter goods on top.
  • As you start packing, number each box with a marker and keep a detailed list of all the items that correspond with that number. This way, if any items are missing or boxes are misplaced, they can be easily traced. Start packing room by room, if possible and use your marker pen to clearly label each box according to the room that they have been packed in. You could use for instance 1SR - meaning Box 1 Sarah's room and 2 K meaning Box 2 Kitchen
  • Put all hazardous materials, such as paint, bleach and aerosols, into a separate box and keep them away from the rest of your stuff.
  • Don't pack your blankets, sheets etc away - use them to protect DVD players and other digital equipment. You could also use clothing, jerseys etc for this purpose.
  • Pack all the items you will need immediately into one box and mark it clearly.
  • Disconnect all electrical equipment and dismantle beds and headboards. Many contractors reserve the right to raise surcharges for dismantling and for any delays. Put the screys, brackets etc into resealable plastic bags and mark them so that they are easily identifiabale when re-assembling. Remembr to keep the tools you need in the Immediate Needs Box
  • Keep all items not to be loaded in one room, eg. the bathroom.
  • Wrap all pictures, mirrors and glass items in bubble plastic. All glass shelves, table tops etc. to be crated.
  • Fridges and deep freezers must be defrosted empty and dry, especially when going into storage or long distance.
  • Empty all drawers and cupboards and lock all valuables eg. Cell phones, wallets, keys away in a safe place.
  • Remove all keys from cabinets, draws etc – before the movers arrive
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  • Stuff socks, scarves etc into the crevices in boxes to keep everything nice and firmly together.
  • Take a photo of the connections on your computer and other electronics. This way you will be able to put it back together very easily in the new home.
  • A quick way to pack hanging items in your wardrobe is to slip a garbage back over the clothes, tape at the top and tape the tops of the hangers together.
  • Stretch and Seal is a wonderful tool for keeping things in place. Wrap jewellry etc. Or instead of unpacking small drawers, just wrap them and move as is.
  • And for the ladies - place an extra cotton pad or ball into you powder cosmetics to stop them from breaking.
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