We have a streamlined rental system developed over the years, buy property owners, for property owners and provides a seamless and simple process by which we undertake our lettings.

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This system is trademarked and carries three values, which ensure efficiency and transparancy.

Read the steps below. The closer you follow them and do so timeously, the better your chances of securing your dream rental home. Delays and incompletenss of information will only result in someone else getting the home before you.

Green Property Line

  • We will arrange certain viewing times for the property and it is your responsibility to slot in with these. This is done to create minimum disturbance for the current tenants or owners
  • Please ensure you take your time to view properly and make your decision as soon as possible. We have had many clients calling a week later to secure a property only to find out that it has long been taken
Green Property Line

  • Rental Application – the first step in the process is to complete the rental application form attached. Please provide copies of the following which will accompany the completed form:
    • ID Document
    • 3 months payslips
    • 3 months bank statements
    • If self employed, we require latest business financial statements, interim management accounts if Financial Statements older than 6 months, as well as a letter from your accountants verifying your salary and drawings
  • To process the application a non-refundable sum of R95.00 per person is payable. This payment is due BEFORE an application will be processed. Please fax or Email proof of payment with the submitted application
  • We only process one application at a time - so first come first serve
  • If the application is successful, this fee will be deducted off the Initial Lease fee.
  • Please note that the rental may not exceed one third of the applicants income - or if married, their joint income
Green Property Line

  • Credit approval – the agent will go through the credit process and verify all documents submitted and determine you eligibility to qualify for payment of the lease. This process will take approximately 48 hours
  • If you have or have had any arrears etc please make sure to advise us in the application form as well as providing an explanation. This will assist us in assessing your application
  • Lease completion - Once credit is approved you will given a copy of a lease for the relevant property and your agent will answer your questions and assist you completing and signing the lease.
  • Please note that all rentals are payable by Debit Order and this form will be attached to the lease for your completion
Green Property Line

  • A Lease admin fee of R595 is payable– for processing of the lease (Application fee of R95 is deducted from this)
  • Deposit – to secure the rental of the relevant property you will be required to make a security deposit. This is normally one months rent plus 25% but will depend on the final assessment made after credit and affordability checks are done.
  • The first months rental payable in advance before the first - This will automatically be effected by debit order
  • Do note that there is an end of lease inspection and termination fee of R295 that will be payable
  • Cash payments or deposits are not accepted - for fees or rentals paid in cash an additional processing fee of 2% of the value deposited will be made. Please endeavour to make all payments by EFT
Green Property Line

  • Once Lease agreement and all documents in place, the agent will meet with you prior to occupation and go through the property inventory and also complete a defects list. You and the agent will sign this.
  • Key handover - the agent will arrange the handover of the property keys once all the above steps have been completed.
Green Property Line

  • All agencies are not equal - you will probably find different syetms in place elsewhere
  • Discrimination of any form is against the law. It might be a good idea to read our article on discrimination under our Legal Section. If you do encounter any discrimination at any other agency report it immediatley. 
Remember to have a look through our detailed Moving Checklist in the Resources Section of our Advice Centre

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