We are proud of who we are as a company and the values we stand for. So while this page might appear to be simply advertising ourselves, if you are to make a objective decision you do need to know what we offer and why we stand out from the rest. Do please also read the section About Property Network

Green Property Line
Port Elizabeth Property Green Line

  • REAL AND GENUINE CARE - From day one we hope you experience the difference in the genuine interest in our tenants that we have. You will not just be another number.
  • THE EXTRA MILE - If you call and we do not have a property that matches your needs we will not simply say goodbye but really put in effort to see if we cannot help you going forward. If you are an existing tenant you will be plesantly surprised at the little extra things we do.
  • WIN WIN PHILOSOPHY - We believe that achieving a win win situation betweeb landlord and tenant is possible and we strive to always make this our goal. So you need have no fear that we will trample all over your rights as a tenant just because we are agents for the landlord.
  • ACCOMPANIED VIEWINGS - Unlike some agencies that simply organise you to go and view with the existing tenant or landlord, we will whenever possible accompany you so that and questions you might have can be answered right away - helping you make easier and quicker decisions.
  • WE UNDERSTAND - Our many years of experience in the rental industry has taught us that sometimes life happens. And when unforseen coircumstances come upon you we will bend over backwards to accomodate your needs and make things work.
  • OUR DOCUMENTATION - Our processes, documents and leases are comprehensive, fair and in simple language. No fancy terms no one understands or clauses that infringe upon your rights.
  • FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Interest on deposits is automatically paid to the tenant - you do not have to ask for this. Deposits are held in a seperate trust account or seperately with independent service providers.meaning total deposit security.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY - We price counsel our landlords on current market trends. This means that you do not end up paying exhorbitant rentals on shabby properties that are not worth it.
  • OPEN DOOR POLICY - We weslome any legitimate concern or problem being raised and will endeavour to seolve these issues as quickly as possible. So you never have to fear raising an issue for fear of reprisals from the agent
  • AUTOMATIC SERVICE PAYMENTS - We automatically pay your section of municipal bill and other services and this gets debited to your account for debit order deduction. One less monthly hassle for you and you get sent a copy of the statement each month for your records.
  • OPTIONAL INSURANCE COVER - Tenants have the option of taking out insurance on their rent - so in the event of death, disability and other dire circumstances, you can know that this vital expense is covered.
  • DEPOSIT SHORTFALL LOANS - We have direct links with a national company that will advance you the deposit amount you need and you pay it off monthly, making things much easier on your cash flow
So..... if you are wanting to have a special experience with your next property rental - give us a call

Port Elizabeth Property Green Line

Many tenants are unaware of possible options for them to own a home instead of renting. Or believe they cannot buy due to certain circumstances. Why not contact one of our agents and let us see if we can take you from tenant to proud home owner.

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