Below is a list of top tips for tenants on getting and keeping their dream rental property.

Keep them in mind as you walk the tenancy road while searching, moving in and staying.

Green Property Line

  • Decide what is is you are looking for up front. What is essential. What would be nice. What is really not important
  • When searching, look in as many avenues as possible. Print media, websites, smalls such as OLX as well as in free local newspapers. Also keep an eye out on community portals such as PEChurchNet and similar subscriber bases.
  • Sign up for updates. Your property network letting agent will add you to the database and let you know as soon as something comes in that suits you. Also subscribe to sites such as Private Property etc
  • Keep your criteria reasonable. You will not find a five bedroomed home in an upper class area for a R3000 budget. Is the braai area really critical? And a triple garage? Also keep your options open in terms of suitable suburbs.
  • Get your finances in place. Delayed payment of deposits will only make the agency take on the next applicant
Green Property Line

  • Make your decision swiftly - do not delay. If you prepared a must have list before the time this should be easy. Good rentals are normally in short supply andare snapped up quickly
  • Get to the first available viewing. You snooze you lose
  • Negotiate quickly if you have to and know your parameters. If the rent is a bit too high or you would like an alarm fitted etc etc. Make your intentions clear, quickly and upfront so that the landlord can make a quick decision.Dawdling around issues only makes it look like you are trying to buy time
  • Complete all neccessary paperwork, attached neccessary documents and pay required fees. Like yesterday. Do remember - an incomplete application is not an application at all. We will deal with the first complete application on a first come first serve basis.
  • Stay in touch with your agent during the application processing so that you can answer questions quickly. Make sure they have the right number for your personell department at work so that employment can be verified with one call.
Green Property Line

  • Pay your rent on time, every time.It seems simple but late payments will reflect on the TPN tenant reporting system if your agency belongs to it (Proeprty Network does). The next time you look for a rental your late payments will show up - even if it was only a day or two each time
  • Look after the property. Keep the garden neat and well kept. Landlords prefer longer term tenants than to keep switching and will be quite generous come rental increase time in order to keep you as a tenant.
  • Report matters to your agent quickly so that issues can be resolved before they become a problem
  • Fix damages as quickly as possible. You will not look like a good tenant of the agent arrives for an interim inspection and window panes, broken locks and chipped walls abound.

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