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What exactly makes renting through Property Network such a special experience?

Working with a property professional that has a passion for their work, and people, can make all the difference between blah and awesome

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Schedule of our standard fees, when they are payable and why. Don't get surprised later.

Knowing exacty what your costs are going to be is the first step in planning your budget and your future rental

property network legal advice multi listing mandate

Tips for Tenants on getting the property you want and being a good tenant

Every month, more reputable agencies such as Property Network submit a tenancy report on each tenant. Get your top score with these tips.

property network legal advice understanding contracts

Rental Tribunals. Their make up, purpose and function and how to contact them.

Rental Tribunals are established in every province across the country and are there to deal with any disputes that might arise

property network legal advice documents required

Background and history of property law in South Africa and its development

A laymans look at the origins of our law, its framework and impact and understanding its contect and current relevance

property network legal advice sole mandate

Step by step guide to renting through Property Network giving all the little details

Walk through the rental procedure understanding each step and getting you prepared in advance for what you need to know and have

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Tenant Rights and Responsibilities. What you must do and what you shoudn't do

Know your rights as a tenant as well as your responsibilities.  What you have to do and what you should definitley not do.

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Property Tenant FAQ and the answers to these common questions we encounter

All the most common questions we encounter and the answers to these day to day questions people always have

property network legal advice suspensive clauses

The relationship between Tenant and Landlord. Be careful not to cross the boundaries.

Both parties need to understand that they are in a formal contractual relationship and friendships that develop should not compromise the lease

property network legal advice voetstoots and CPA

A walk through a lease agreement explaining all the key clauses

Many disputes are created simply because tenants do not read or understand what they are signing. Get your knowlege here

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